Localization and terminology management

Localization implies more than just correct translation. Companies doing business in foreign countries need to communicate in the native language of their customers, business partners, and employees. This requires clear, precise, and culturally-relevant translations and, in many cases, rewriting or/and restructuring of the content.

Locus can offer localization services for all your deliverables, for Estonian, Latvian and Russian languages and cultures.

Most companies use an increasing number of industry- or organization-specific words which need to be accurately stored, shared and translated. Terminology management allows achieving effective and accurate translations by organizing these terms with a clear set of rules which ensure that the correct term is used within a translation. If left unmanaged, terminology can become inconsistent leading to translations that contain competing definitions; this lack of consistency means that translations cannot be re-used.

A termbase is a central repository, similar to a database, which allows for the systematic management of approved terms in both source and target languages. Important parts of a termbase are acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations which can cause frustration for translators, especially when attempting to translate them without a clear understanding of their meaning.

Termbases are composed in close cooperation with the client and field knowledge experts for the target language.

Localization services