Professional translations

Source and target languages: With support of our international partners, we are able to translate from and into all major European as well as a wide range of Asian and CIS countries languages (such as Chinese, Turkish, Hindi, Tajik, etc.). Our home translators and editors master English, German, Estonian, Finnish and Russian.

The technical documentation that accompanies your product into your export markets is often your most visible ambassador. It must convey important and often complex technical information accurately translated. To meet the rapidly growing interest in Asian and CIS countries and their languages, we have enhanced our translation options with those languages.

We specialize in technical translation and documentation: user manuals, product catalogues, websites, software and user interfaces, marketing texts, training materials, etc.

Our translation process involves advanced translation tools which speed up translation process, ensure consistent terminology, and reduce the customer expenses if the texts contain many repetitions. In close cooperation with our clients we create special term bases. Translation memory programs provide reliability and reusability of the terms, and terminology unification.

Our experience includes following fields: IT and telecommunication, electronics, medical equipment, measurement devices, electricity, home appliances, cars, economics, marketing, etc.

Each translation is subject to proofreading and terminology control.

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